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Hi Adventurers! We’re Danni and Fede, the founders of Off-the-Beaten-Trips.

We met working on cruise ships, and then started our own travel website, with free travel guides around the world.

Danni is a spontaneous Jersey Girl from the USA, and Fede is a passionate Porteño from Argentina.

We have always dedicated ourselves to helping people travel more authentically, whether it’s discovering hidden gems, or supporting local businesses.

Using an agency makes traveling easier, and group travel makes traveling more comfortable and safe for everyone. But there has always been one problem in the industry – and it’s the companies that agencies partner with!

You see, traditional agencies get a big cut from corporate hotels, meaning travelers miss out on some really cool and unique accommodation options! Tour guides typically stick to the road most frequently traveled, meaning tours are (yawn) all the same.

It's time for a change in the industry.

We knew we had to do something to shake the industry.

To bring travelers together, and also allow them to have the most epic trip of their life. So we’ve poured our blood, sweat, & tears into this, to create the most unbeatable travel experiences for our soulmates out there.

Get ready to tick off your bucket list items (some you didn’t even know existed!) because each trip has been perfectly curated for the thrill-seekers, adventure-cravers, and photo-lovers out there. It’s time to travel more authentically, and connect with our travel soulmates out there to experience it all together.

We can’t wait to take you onboard, and look forward to bringing you your most epic trip yet!

Danni and Fede

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