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8 days

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Join us on a life-changing trip to one of the most alien-looking places on Earth! Socotra is a land where giant sand dunes meet turquoise waters, where you’ll see the wildest looking trees, and where you’ll experience the darkest skies with the brightest stars.

This Yemeni island is a safe haven for adventurers, thrill seekers, and landscape photographers. It’s a place where you arrive as strangers, and leave as family – a slice of paradise protected from mass tourism, and one of the most exotic destinations you’ll ever experience.

Imagine yourself:


Days Highlights
Day 1 Lunch at a local house | Qare lagoon | Dihmri campsite.
Day 2 Snorkeling at Dihmri | Homhil forest & natural pool | Arhar beach.
Day 3 Arhar beach | Hoq cave | Erissal (eastern most point)
Day 4 Arhar beach | Kilisan canyon | Zahak sand dunes.
Day 5 Omak campsite | Dejob cave | Durhur wadi | Firmham dragon blood tree forest.
Day 6 Detwah beach and lagoon | Caveman meetup.
Day 7 Sunrise at Detwah dunes | Boat to Qalensia beach | Hadiboh | Delisha beach.
Day 8 Delisha sand dunes | Hadiboh.

Itinerary by Day

Day 1

Start your Socotra experience with a delicious lunch in the house of a local. Stop at the island’s biggest lagoon, and enjoy vibrant shades of red rock formations on a coral-filled beach. 

Day 1 is the perfect integration for understanding the culture of Socotra, while settling in after a day of traveling.

Day 2

Start the morning with snorkeling around vibrant coral reefs. 

You’ll stop at a forest full of dragon blood and bottle trees, and do a scenic walk to a natural infinity pool, finishing the day off by camping at one of the most beautiful and iconic beaches in Socotra. 

Today is a day to experience various landscapes, and start to get a feel for the uniqueness of the island.

Day 3

Explore the incredible sand dunes of Arhar before hiking to Hoq cave, a cave so deep that the end has still yet to be reached!

Relax at untouched paradise beaches, visit the easternmost point of the island, and climb up to an epic viewpoint for sunset. 

This is a day full of adventure, and one you’ll never forget. If you’re lucky, you may even get to witness some bioluminescence!

Day 4

Swim in the refreshing waters of Kilisan Canyon, and take a jump off one of the cliffs if you dare. 

Experience stunning views across the island, and watch an unforgettable sunset across the biggest sand dunes in Socotra, before camping right on the beach. 

This day is the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation.

Day 5

Start the day off on the beach before heading to the next incredible part of the island.

Experience stunning views from Dejob cave, swim in an exotic canyon, and explore the biggest dragon blood forest on the island!

Today you’ll feel like you’ve landed on another planet, and even get to sleep next to a set of dragon blood trees surrounded by mountains.

Day 6

 It’s time to visit the second largest city in Socotra, and one of the most beautiful corners of the planet you’ll ever visit. 

Swim in bright turquoise waters, walk along a sand bank that meets a massive lagoon, and interact with the local children fishing and playing football on the beach. 

Finish the day meeting a real caveman, with a guided tour through the lagoon of the plentiful marine life. This day is one you cannot replicate elsewhere!

Day 7

Experience a relaxing morning at the lagoon before heading to one of the best beaches you’ll ever experience. 

Take a private boat ride to Shoab beach where you’ll spot playful dolphins, and swim in crystal clear waters. 

Finish the day in Delisha, a local beach with grand dunes and an abandoned ship. Today is all fun in the sun, so make sure to lotion up!

Day 8

Enjoy a peaceful morning at the beach before heading to the crazy capital! For breakfast you’ll have a massive local breakfast, and learn how Socotrans make their special bread. 

You’ll get a peek into life in Hadiboh by visiting shops, roaming the busy streets, and experiencing the vibrant fish market, before heading to the airport. 

It’s time to say goodbye to your guide and driver, and reminisce in the airport with all your new friends.

Note: This itinerary is subject to change in order depending on other tour groups, so that tourists can be spread evenly around the island. All activities will remain the same, but times and days may vary.

Know Before You Go

General Questions

Our 7-day Socotra adventure is carefully crafted to showcase the island’s natural wonders. Activities include guided hikes to the legendary Dixam Plateau, where you’ll witness breathtaking panoramic views, as well as visits to the stunning Detwah Lagoon and Homhil Protected Area. Snorkeling opportunities abound in the clear waters surrounding the island, allowing you to explore vibrant marine life. Our itinerary balances exploration, relaxation, and cultural immersion for a well-rounded experience.

Yes, our tour includes daily meals featuring a mix of local and international cuisine. You’ll have the opportunity to savor Socotran specialties and experience the island’s culinary richness. We cater to various dietary preferences and allergies; please inform us in advance, and we’ll ensure your dietary needs are met throughout the journey.

While the tour involves some moderate hikes and outdoor activities, it is designed to be accessible to individuals with a reasonable level of fitness. Participants should be comfortable walking for a few hours and navigating uneven terrain. Our experienced guides will accompany you every step of the way, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

While our tour covers most expenses, it’s essential to note that personal expenses, travel insurance, and optional activities not specified in the itinerary are not covered. We recommend purchasing comprehensive travel insurance to safeguard your trip against unexpected events. This transparency allows you to plan accordingly and make the most of your Socotra adventure.

About the place

Absolutely, safety is our top priority. Socotra, known for its unique flora and fauna, is a safe destination. We work closely with local authorities and experienced guides to ensure your well-being throughout the trip. While it’s always essential to stay informed about the current situation, our decades of experience in adventure travel have equipped us to navigate any challenges, providing you with a secure and memorable experience.

The optimal time to visit Socotra is during the cooler months from October to April when temperatures are milder, ranging from 20°C to 28°C (68°F to 82°F). This period offers comfortable conditions for exploring the island’s diverse landscapes, from its iconic Dragon’s Blood Trees to pristine beaches. Avoiding the hotter summer months ensures an enjoyable and refreshing adventure.

No. The flight to Socotra departures from Abu Dhabi.

The visa for Socotra must be requested from the island, but don’t worry! We will handle everything, and will send you a digital copy of your visa. Upon arrival, the customs officer will have your physical visa waiting for you.

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